Best 13 Steps Guide On How To Lower C6 Corvette Easily

It is necessary to learn how to lower C6 Corvette first before lowering your Chevy. There are too many helpful resources out there to easily find all of them in one place.

Unlike any other car, the C6 Corvette is unique. The sixth-generation Corvette is a top-of-the-line model.

From 2005 to 2013, this vehicle was continually redeveloped and renamed. In addition to the C6, there are multiple Corvette models.

The Corvette C6 has its exposed headlamps for the first time, however. The construction and make-up of the sixth-generation Corvette must be understood before you can adequately lower the car.

You can use this page to learn everything you need to know about lowering a C6 Corvette. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn what you’ve been missing?

The 13 Step By Step Guide On How To Lower C6 Corvette:

If you own a C6 Corvette a few years old, you know how hard it can be to lower the car. It’s made of a lot of aluminum and can slip through your fingers if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is why it is necessary to learn how to lower a C6 Corvette first before lowering your Chevy.

There are too many helpful resources out there to easily find all of them in one place. Here I have provided a list of the best resources that you can use to lower and raise your C6 Corvette.

What you were searching for has been found! These are the steps you need to follow to lower your C6 Corvette with assistance or on your own. So, what is the right way to start and end the process?

To eliminate any unnecessary flaws that occur with any standard trial and error process, we’ve included a tutorial showing you how to accomplish it in 13 steps. Would you like to see how it works?

Step-01: Start by ensuring that you have parked your vehicle on a flat surface. When you are finished, apply the parking brake.

Step-02: Measurements must be taken before starting any project. When determining the height of the wheels, start from the middle and work your way up.

Step-03: You will need to raise the front of the C6 with a jack so that the wheels are off the ground. Doing this is critical to preventing wheel adjustments from being stressed.

Step-04: The automobile engines should be started, and the steering wheel should be turned right. Once the engines are off, the automobile should be stopped.

Step-05: From top to bottom, grease the adjustment bolts. Ensure that the adjustment bolts are entirely greased. However, the bolt of your adjusters may become too rusted to be loosened. A liquid wrench should be soaked overnight in such conditions to perform the job effectively.

Step-06: You can lay on a mat under the automobile or use a lying mat. If you use the lying mat, ensure the automobile is suspended adequately on the jack. Look behind the driver’s seat to find the adjustment bolt. With a 10MM ratcheting wrench, loosen the bolt once it has been located.

Step-07: Remember- Rather than using a socket wrench, use a ratcheting wrench. First, you need to release the car’s shocks before using a socket wrench. Ensure the wrench is inserted into the bolt to avoid getting damaged.

Step-08: When attempting to release the bolt, wear gloves to protect your hands.

Step-09: Your automobile will be raised if you turn the adjustment bolt clockwise and lowered if you turn it counterclockwise.

In this case, you’ll need to lower the vehicle, which is accessible by simply turning the adjustment bolt counterclockwise.

One inch can be lowered from your automobile by turning the adjustment bolt a half-inch. Use all of your strength to turn the adjustment bolt. Your muscles will be strained if you don’t.

Step-10: When you’ve finished working on the driver’s side, you should turn the wheel left and continue working your way around the vehicle.

Step-11: You should remove your car from the jack once you’ve finished both wheels and allow it to roll a few seconds for the suspension to settle in.

Step-12: Make sure your height is correct by re-measuring yourself. Make any adjustments necessary.

Step-13: The back wheel of the car can be cleaned similarly. Using the front wheels is more straightforward than using the back wheels, and it uses the same technique.

Although if you performed everything correctly and re-adjusted your C6 Corvette to the proper height, there is still a lot that may go wrong.

First and foremost, you may require wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is not a difficult chore if you know how to do it. If you aren’t, it would be best to get your automobile aligned to ensure it runs smoothly.

Why would you wish to lower a Corvette C6?

Thankfully, you are the proud owner of a C6 Corvette. You’ve probably heard people talk about lowering a C6 Corvette, which seems like a nice idea.

As a result, you’d like to join us. Is this a decent plan? Doesn’t that imply you should consider it? Isn’t it possible that lowering your C6 Corvette might have the reverse effect? So, let us have a look.

Why would you want to reduce the height of your C6 Corvette?

The C6 Corvette, like any race vehicle with a V8, was built for speed. There is more to enjoying fast cars than merely speeding. Before starting the engine, it is critical to have acceptable handling, balance, and air drag.

The center of gravity of the C6 Corvette must be reduced. Maintaining balance and avoiding rolling over is critical for the automobile to spin furiously when spinning.

The best part is that doing it correctly will enhance your car’s handling, road feel, and performance.

Nevertheless, if done poorly, it might turn into a nightmare. You can’t envision an imbalance with a 6.0L LS2 V8 and at minimum a 6-speed T-56 manual gearbox. This is a disaster!

Advantages of lowering

As a C6 Corvette race vehicle driver, you understand why lowering a C6 Corvette is necessary. We’ll also look at the entire benefits of having your car lowered.

Lowering an automobile is a pretty wicked concept, isn’t it? The update not only enhances the control of your vehicle but also makes it seem elegant and spectacular.

It’s no surprise that some automakers placed extra weight in their automobiles’ trunks before displaying them.

You can also lower your C6 Corvette for the following advantages:

  • If you’ve ever raced a car, you’ve probably seen it seem like it’s going to take off into the air. The majority of the time, this is due to such cars not being lowered. Lowering your C6 Corvette will decrease or eliminate the high-speed lift sensation.
  • Whenever the C6 Corvette is lowered, it has reduced air drag (aerodynamic drag). The car may conserve gasoline by conserving it rather than squandering it.

Problems of Lowering

All or nothing is not an option. Lowering a race vehicle has certain drawbacks to improve handling or reduce air drag.

You need to understand the potential hazards of lowering your automobile. But, it would be best if you didn’t worry about them.

C6 Corvettes are known to react or adjust themselves differently as they age. It is comforting to know what you can expect now and how to deal with such a difficult situation.

Only qualified personnel should attempt to lower a C6 Corvette. In addition to bearing the full weight of the vehicle, the spring generates a significant force.

If a bolt is not properly unbolted, it can cause serious harm or even death. As a result, always leave it to the specialists.

As a result of lowering your vehicle, you may encounter the following issues:

  • Adjustment of the camber. When lowering the automobile, the camber might be adjusted slightly. As a result, tire wear and wheel traction are both enhanced.
  • Shock absorbers must absorb significantly more force.
  • The metal sheet and the vehicle’s suspension may be too near to the tire, causing damage to it.
  • Furthermore, you’d have to experience a lot of road vibrations, especially when hitting potholes.

Lowering Cost

You’ll decide whether to hire a professional to lower your C6 Corvette based on how much money you’re willing to pay. You may need to double-check that some of these processes aren’t deceiving or extorting you.

The C6 Corvette may be lowered with no fixed cost, which is a disadvantage. If you desire to lower your Corvette for $50-$150, it is doable.

Unfortunately, any professional who wishes to lower the price of your Corvette for you may not be able to do so.

Despite this, you should be aware that it is difficult to attain. A person who knows how to spin a wrench, on the other hand, can do it. You are included in this!

Some argue that lowering a C6 Corvette isn’t as difficult. It’s more like screwing a wrench together.

Your Corvette C6 will quickly learn how to be properly lowered. Continue reading to find out how you can do it and what you’ll need to do.


Is there a best time of year to completely lower a C6 Corvette?

Awesome! Try not to dwell on it too much. In as little as 20 to 30 minutes, a C6 Corvette may be lowered. In addition to being worried about whether or not your C6 corvette fast cars will be lowered at the appropriate time, you need also examine “when” the appropriate time is and what to look out for.

Preferably, you should double-check that you need to lower your vehicle before doing so. Consider some of these indicators to assess whether or not lowering your vehicle is a good idea.

  • Air drag: Before you contemplate lowering your car, you must be a fan of speed. If you had paid attention, you would have observed how much gasoline your automobile consumes and how much air drag it endures. If you have observed any of these symptoms, buying a lowered C6 Corvette may be the best solution for you.
  • Balancing: When traveling at high speeds, a C6 Corvette should retain its equilibrium. In such a situation, you’ll have to decrease both the vehicle as well as the height.

Lowering a C6 Corvette necessitates the use of certain tools.

Corvette C6 owners have written a lot about lowering their vehicles. Do you know what tools are required for the job?

  • Chevy corvette lowering kit c6/c7 stainless steel bolts.
  • Jack
  • Lubricant
  • Wrench


The C6 Corvette is now properly lowered, thanks to everything you have at your disposal. Starting should not be a problem.

On the other hand, a visual portrayal of the process provides a better understanding of how it works. Don’t hesitate to finish it. Your strength is unbreakable!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post on how to lower C6 Corvette. This was an informative read, and we hope you found it beneficial. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments regarding how to lower C6 Corvette. We would love to hear from you.


You may already have some baffling questions about your thoughts. Our staff has created a list of these questions as well as a suitable solution for you.

How much quicker would my lowered C6 Corvette be?

This question does not have a simple answer. Slowing down your automobile will have no effect on its speed. You will, nevertheless, maintain an adequate speed while obtaining greater balance and fewer air drags.

How much mileage does a C6 Corvette get?

It should endure and work for at least 150,000 to 200,000 kilometers, according to Corvette construction. C6 Corvettes are likely to be the most dependable vehicles available. This vehicle is compact, quick, and dependable.

Which year of the C6 Corvette is the best?

Every generation of the C6 Corvette has its personality and performance characteristics. Additionally, the C6 Corvette has received significant enhancements over prior models.

How should the height of the Corvette C6 be adjusted?

In terms of height, there is no such thing as an ideal height. When increasing or decreasing the height of your Corvette C6, however, you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. As a general rule, I’d prefer my height to be reduced or boosted by more than one and a half inches.

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