Top 05 Best C5 Corvette Hood: Buyer’s Guide [2022]

The first thing we look at and admire in any car is the hood. You might not have noticed this before, but think of it, don’t you always admire the sleek look of a car because of its hood?

C5 Corvette is a sporty-looking vehicle with various designs for hoods. We are speaking about aftermarket hoods that are sold separately in case you had an accident and need to change the hood.

Choosing the right hood is something personal according to your preferred style and functionality. However, the best C5 Corvette hood should have some features, the first of them is durability and high quality.

In this review, we will give you all the information you need to know about the best 5 hoods for C5 Corvette. Also, you have a buying guide to help you make up your decision.

Which is the best C5 Corvette hood?

Extreme Dimensions Duraflex Replacement ZR Edition is the best hood for the material quality and overall features it has above other hoods. The Duraflex material is one of its top features which provides extra flexibility than other hoods.

Why Extreme Dimensions Duraflex Replacement ZR Edition is considered the best?

Extreme Dimensions Duraflex Replacement ZR Edition is the best hood because it is a sturdy one with OEM quality. It stands out for the design which offers ventilation and good clearance as well. Moreover, the material quality is a bonus for this hood as it is better than normal fiberglass materials.

The 05 Best C5 Corvette Hood Reviews

01. Extreme Dimensions Duraflex Replacement ZR Edition 2 Hood: Best for aggressive design


Product Features

  • Duraflex material
  • Black coat
  • Proprietary polymer blend
  • Textured exterior

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Extreme Dimensions
  • Model: ‎106139
  • Style: ZR Edition

Product Description and Performance

Extreme dimensions have been in the automotive aftermarket pieces for years. They strived to manufacture the highest quality products including C5 hoods.

The ZR Edition from Extreme dimensions is one of the hoods that C5 Corvette owners go for thanks to its premium construction.

The hood is a duraflex material made of fiberglass, plastic, and resins. It is manufactured using a hand-laid process whereas molds are prototyped in-house. The material in general is a high-quality one similar to most Extreme dimensions’ products.

In terms of installation, this hood is easy to install although you might need hood pins. It is just an easy bolt-on installation process that takes no time if you know how to install hoods.

Generally, you won’t need any modifications or extra gaps to install this hood. It just fits into the factory ones.

Overall, you get a well-packaged product and a direct installation process. Note that it weighs about half of the OEM hood weight. So, you need to care of your new hood.

We can say this is the only downfall of this hood. However, it won’t normally affect its functionality as every other thing is totally perfect.

This weight doesn’t mean the hood is not durable or won’t last for years. Instead, it has a Proprietary polymer blend and a black finish for weather resistance.

The hood is coated from both inside and outside. Outside is to protect the hood from weather conditions whereas inside coating is to protect it from excessive heat.

Regarding quality, we mentioned it is high-quality but we actually meant it is OEM-quality. Despite the lighter weight, this hood has the same durability and strength as the OEM one.

Further, molding is also OEM-style molding. Since the hood is OEM resembling, it will accept other factory hardware as the inner-hood liner.

Extreme dimensions care about their customers, so, they are keen on providing reliable quality and a good design.

Speaking of the design, this hood looks so aggressive. Yet, it is functional and will set your C5 Corvette apart from the others.

“In brief, the ZR edition is an OEM-quality hood with a subtle, yet, aggressive design. Install this hood on your Corvette and reduce the damage significantly by more than 50%. So you are all covered in terms of design, performance, and safety.”


  • OEM-quality
  • Easy installation
  • Aggressive design
  • Reduces damage significantly


  • Lighter than OEM


If you want something that lasts and provides the performance you want, the ZR edition from Extreme dimension is a perfect choice. It is a fiberglass hood with most of the features you will need in your C5 hood.

02. Extreme Dimensions Duraflex Replacement Stingray Z Hood: Best for engine ventilation


Product Features

  • 6 oz. fiberglass material
  • Aluminum mesh grille
  • Black finish
  • Textured exterior

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Extreme Dimensions
  • Model: ‎ 112411
  • Style: Stingray Z

Product Description and Performance

Another product from Extreme dimensions but this time with the Stingray Z hood. Extreme Dimensions is a USA-based company, so, it always sticks to the industry standards. Their fiberglass hoods are one of the most renowned products and this one is an exemplar.

This construction is a 6 oz. fiberglass for strength. Moreover, it includes their signature black finish for more durability and strength. The hood has the reinforcements needed for installation but it requires the nut plates, hood pins, and other installation hardware.

Although you might find other hoods sold with all the necessary hardware, this one stands out for other features. The style itself is a sporty one with middle vents that help to divert the temperature of the engine out. It is a bit high-rise in the middle but still providing the needed ground clearance.

The vents have a high-quality mesh grille made of aluminum to provide the required ventilation but resist the weather conditions at the same time. Similar to other parts of the hood, this grille will last for a long time.

Fiberglass hoods are lighter than other hoods but they have similar durability. This innovative hood from Extreme Dimensions is lighter than most similar products for easy installation but it is still safe and sturdy.

Even if you want to customize this hood to fit properly, you can do this. Generally, it will fit a C5 Corvette but you may need some specific requirements. Anyways, your Corvette will look the best either as the original or customized upon your requirements.

One thing that this hood excels at is that it is manufactured using a hand-laid process. This results in a uniform thickness throughout the whole hood. Consequently, the same quality and durability are guaranteed for the whole item.

Another thing we loved about the hood is that it accepts factory hardware. Even though it doesn’t come with any installation parts, you can use the OEM ones if they are still functioning. Also, if you customized your hood, you will still be able to use the factory-installed hardware.

“When you purchase a product from Extreme Dimensions, you are backed with the manufacturer’s warranty. You also guarantee that each part is checked by the rigorous quality control process before sold to customers.”


  • Can use OEM installation hardware
  • High-quality fiberglass
  • High-quality mesh grille


  • Higher price than similar products


Stingray Z hood is suitable for anyone who wants a sporty design and some ventilation for the engine. These are very important especially for those who use their Corvette in tracks.

03. Extreme Dimensions Duraflex Replacement H Design Hood: Best for durability


Product Features

  • Hand laid 6 oz. fiberglass
  • Signature black finish
  • Textured exterior
  • polymer blend for more flexibility

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Extreme Dimensions
  • Model: ‎113331
  • Style: H design

Product Description and Performance

Similar to other fiberglass hoods, this H-design hood comes in a lightweight lighter than OEM one. The lightweight contributes to increasing the speed of the vehicle. Thus, your C5 Corvette will run smoothly with this sporty design hood.

Manufactured by Extreme Dimensions, this hood has the same quality as other hoods. It leads to the design and ease of installation. Moreover, it adds a unique raised center to the overall design of the hood. This design makes the perfect blend of aggressive look and premium performance.

The H design hood is manufactured using the highest quality materials to provide optimal strength and durability. It has a black smooth finish which is then painted with the vehicle’s color. For installation, you may need some hood pins. Also, you may do some modifications but those that don’t affect the overall design or quality of the hood.

If you make up your decision and get the H-design hood, you will have a blend of a race car design and rigorous performance and quality. The hood mounts smoothly on the car body and continues the flow of the original body lines. At the same time, it keeps a good ground clearance for the sporty design Corvette is known for.

Regarding the price, this product comes at an average price similar to most hoods. Yet, it offers superiority for the construction and finish. The hood will protect your vehicle and provide up to a 75% reduction in the damage rate. Thus, you also get safety features with this hood.

“In a nutshell, the hood provides modified aerodynamics and a longer lifespan. Above all, the design is one preferred by many C5 Corvette owners and the quality is guaranteed by the manufacturing company. So, you get a product you know it will last for years.”


  • Sporty design
  • Modified aerodynamics
  • Reduces damage rate by 75%


  • Not a direct fit


Note that fiberglass is cut and laid manually. So, for proper fitment, it may need some extra cutting. We recommend that you install the hood at a professional automotive center. Thus, you can get the aggressive look of the hood for your C5 Corvette.

04. Extreme Dimensions Duraflex Replacement Cowl Hood: Best for ground clearance


Product Features

  • High-quality material
  • Black protective coat
  • Textured exterior

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Extreme Dimensions
  • Model: ‎113329
  • Style: Cowl design

Product Description and Performance

Here is the last product we have on this list from Extreme Dimensions. By now, you probably know that Extreme Dimensions is the best brand for C5 Corvette hoods. The Cowl hood is one of its creations that offer the best fit on the C5 Corvette.

The Cowl hood features an optimal fiberglass construction. So, it doesn’t look poorly designed or feel flimsy when you hold it. Also, the finish is another high-quality feature giving a smooth feeling and an elegant look.

The cowl design is the simplest of all as it features a raised center that doesn’t interfere with the rider’s vision area. The center part flows smoothly to the lower two sides providing zero clearance problems.

Many brands manufacture cowl hoods but this one from Extreme Dimensions is different. It is manufactured with precision and accuracy. Every detail of the hood is designed carefully to maintain quality. Also, the overall look should maintain the vehicle’s bodylines to fit properly on the car.

“With performance in mind, Extreme Dimension’s cowl hood offers one of the best fitting replacement hoods on the market. Above all, you will pay less than other hoods but you will get the performance you want.”

Not to forget that the hood has a high-gloss finish that offers this shiny glossy design. This coating maintains and protects the hood while offering a nice look to enhance the visual appearance of the car.


  • High-precision fitting
  • 0% ground clearance problems
  • Lower price


  • Need hood pins


The cowl hood is the best option for those who prefer ground clearance and fewer details on the hood. The design is very simple, yet, it is still as attractive and functional as all Extreme dimension’s hoods.

05. BRIGHTT-30002298 FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics) ZR1 V2 Style Hood: Best for uniqueness

Product Features

  • Hand-laid construction
  • Fiberglass, plastic, and flex resin materials
  • Smooth exterior

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Brightt
  • Model: BRIGHTT-30002298
  • Style: ZR1 V2

Product Description and Performance

Brightt offers a relatively new design of C5 hoods, this is the ZR1 V2 hood. The hood is different from the ZR1 edition mentioned at the top of this list. However, they resemble in high-quality and performance.

When you purchase this hood, you get a read-to-install product. It comes primed and coated with a black finish, so, it just needs painting.

You won’t need to spend too much money on fitting the hood to your vehicle as it nearly has the same OE fit.

Moving to the material, it is a mixture of fiberglass, plastic, and flex resins. This blend offers great durability and sturdiness to the hood that sometimes surpasses other fiberglass hoods.

Also, the hood won’t get damaged easily thanks to this construction. Guarantee that you will receive your product as it was manufactured with no shipping damages.

Moving to the design, this hood will attract the attention of odd-design lovers. We cannot say it is totally odd but it is somehow a different style than other hoods.

It has the same raised center as the cowl hood but in a different color than the hood itself. This design gives a very elegant touch and smooth look without causing any clearance problems.

Further, the hood is hand-laid construction like similar premium quality hoods. This method gives a high precision-fit and flawless design.

However, the installation is not a direct bolt-on as it may need some extra parts. Most hoods don’t come with installation hardware but you can use OEM parts.

On the contrary, the ZR1 V2 hood cannot be installed with the OEM parts. So, you need to visit a professional store to get this hood installed.

“Even though, the hood is still a unique, high-quality addition to your vehicle. It features outstanding style and function. Once you get it installed, you will notice how sporty your C5 will look. Not to forget that it is lighter than other hoods without compensating for quality.”

Finally, this center of the hood has mesh ventilation that is concealed on the hood. This ventilation offers great heat disposal without hurting the overall appearance.


  • Unique design
  • Precise fitting
  • Durable construction
  • Offer ventilation


  • Doesn’t fit with OEM parts


We totally recommend this hood for people who want their Corvette to stand out among the other vehicles. The hood combines style with performance in a sleek design and durable blend of materials.

Buying Guide About Best C5 Corvette Hood

If you decided to search for Corvette hoods to find a perfect fit for your 2004 Corvette or older, you need to keep a few things in mind. Check the below points to make it easier for you to find the best fit.


Hood usually come in one of these materials; carbon fiber, fiber-reinforced polymer, or fiberglass hoods.

Carbon fiber hoods are very stiff and strong hoods compared to other materials. They also provide good resistance to heat and they are light in weight. Thus, they are easy to handle. However, Corvette carbon fiber hoods are a bit expensive, so, they won’t be the best for high-temperature conditions.

Fiber-reinforced polymer is another common material for hoods. It is a composite material including polymer and fibers. This is also another sturdy material, however, not very flexible in terms of construction.

Fiberglass is also a common material for hoods. Fiberglass hoods can be easily customized according to the application. Thus, aftermarket fiberglass hoods are the most common ones among other materials. The only problem with this material is that it is still a plastic composite. So, it is not good for the environment and human health.


The brand name is very important when purchasing such critical aftermarket pieces. When you opt for a known brand name, you guarantee the quality and construction. Also, you can have a warranty against manufacturing defects and shipping damages. So, always go for common brands.

There are several brands that manufacture these aftermarket pieces. You will always find a brand famous for Corvette 1997 – 2004 hoods and another brand for Ford hoods and so on. One of the most common brands for Corvette engine hoods is Extreme Dimensions. The above list has several products from this brand.


When replacing your hood, consider the purpose of the replacement. Different purposes can help you decide which hood to opt for.

If you just want a replacement for a damaged hood, then look for OEM-resembling ones. These offer nearly the same design and fitment as the factory one.

Another reason might be to enhance the performance. In this case, go for the hoods with ventilation areas to allow for heat disposal. Also, lighter options will provide more speed.

For style and more ground clearance, the high-rise hoods with lower edges provide a good clearance and sleek design. Also, the smooth exterior is better than the textured one in terms of appearance.

Sometimes, you might need a Chevrolet Corvette hood that provides all of these features. In this case, you can go for a custom hood and choose the style and features you want.


Needless to say, the hood must fit the vehicle you are purchasing for. Typically, hoods fit certain car models as Corvette C5, C6, etc. However, you still need to check if this hood will fit into the OEM parts or not.

Some hoods will need a kind of modification to mount on the car, especially custom ones. Also, hoods with vents need modification to allow air to pass through these vents. So, you may need to ask the automotive store before purchasing the hood.

FAQs For C5 Corvette Hood

How to check the replacement hood before installation?

Before installing the hood, you need to check if there are any shipping damages or not. To do so, you might need the help of another person as hoods are typically large and sometimes heavy to carry on your own.

Check every single part of the hood for any damage. If you find even a tiny one, you should contact the seller for a replacement. Such small damages might cause other problems in the future.

Why Should I replace the car’s hood?

There are different reasons people might want to replace their car hoods. Sometimes, the hood is completely damaged, so, it must be replaced.

Other times, it is just to get a better visual appearance or ventilation for the engine. Other people might look for upgrading the performance of their car by replacing the hood.

Do replacement hoods need modification?

According to the hood you purchased or intend to purchase, it might need ventilation or not.

For example, hoods with vents might need a slight modification to allow for smooth airflow.

Also, hoods that don’t fit with OEM factory parts need a slight modification.


C5 Corvette hoods can totally change the appearance and performance of your car. If you need this boosted performance or smooth look, check some of the above hoods and pick something that best fits you.

Whatever hood you choose, ensure you are getting a high-quality product as hoods are not something you have to change frequently.

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