Top 9 Best Cold Air Intake For C5 Corvette 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Getting the best cold air intake for C5 Corvette can instantly add horsepower to your vehicle. It comes with great benefits, not to mention the improved gas mileage and the visibly enhanced sound.

The last factor is the one that drives people to buy cold air intakes in the first place, without being aware of the wide range of advantages these products have.

Read this article thoroughly and you’ll get an overview of all interesting aspects of cold air intakes for the C5 Corvette model.

What is The Best Cold Air Intake For C5 Corvette?

K&N stands out from the rest of the brands present in the automotive market when it comes to cold air intakes.

The brand has an impeccable reputation among users, and the majority of its products are durable, affordable & best for quality.

They have a product for the most popular models, including the Chevy Corvette 2001-2004 versions.

Why K&N Cold Air Intake is The Best Brand For C5 Corvette?

K&N can be called the best because they offer high-quality products for an affordable, super fair price.

Their product longevity is one of the most noticeable ones on the market, and they guarantee that their cold air intakes increase horsepower.

Compared to other brands, their product efficiency is tried, tested, and trusted by thousands of people. It’s worth a shot without second thoughts!

Top 9 Cold Air Intake For C5 Corvette Reviews

01. Cold Air Intake Kit From K&N – Fits 2001-2004 Chevy Corvette – A surefire fit for the C5 Corvette


Highlighted Features

  • Built to resist for years without issues
  • Sends 50% more airflow to the engine
  • Known to improve throttle response and uphill performance
  • Reduced need for cleaning filters
  • Visibly improved acceleration and overall engine performance


Starting the product list with this impressive product from K&N.

It is probably the best cold air intake for C5 Corvette on the market, considering the appreciation it gets, its affordable price, great looks, and numerous other benefits.

As a leader in the industry, K&N knows how to produce cold air intake systems that truly increase the performance of a vehicle.

From 1992 forward, they just improved their techniques so that, today, they can guarantee their products add horsepower.

The installation is very easy, and each car owner can do it by themselves. It comes with an extra filter size that can be washed without issues.

This is the only cleaning step required, once every 100,000 miles.

The filter they use is a patented one, with microscopic cotton fibers included for protecting the engine from contaminants.


  • Great look and perfect under-the-hood fit
  • Improved growl upon acceleration
  • Can be installed with basic hand tools in under one hour


  • You might have to buy some additional parts for perfect fit
  • Shroud cutting might be necessary for some models


02. Cold Air Intake Kit from DNA Motoring – Fits a wider range of vehicles – Great product for Variety


Highlighted Features

  • Great overall performance improvement
  • Increase with up to 10 HP
  • Lightweight, long-lasting materials used
  • DNA Motoring high air flow racing performance
  • Complete installation kit

DNA Motoring steps in with their cold air intake kits in an attempt to beat K&N. It is close indeed, and has a larger array of customers, given the fact that this cold air intake specifically fits more vehicles.

From 2002-2004 Chevy Corvette to Dodge Dakota, Durango, Ram models, or even Jeeps – it covers it all.

Of course, that builds its potential to go from the best cold air intake for C5 Corvette to the best cold air intake around the market, even though it has a lot of competition to fight.

This product is supposed to give your vehicle a visible boost in horsepower and increased filtration efficiency (up to 95% increase), as well as a 6-8% increase in torque power.

Besides these, it is proven to improve the gas mileage and the filter used is totally washable with plain water, made of micro cotton.


  • Easy installation process with all necessary hardware included
  • Micro cotton gauze material for the filter
  • Lightweight and perfect dimension for fitting under the hood


  • You should check measurements to ensure it fits your car model
  • Doesn’t come with instructions – best installed by someone with experience in this sense


03. Cold Air Intake Kit from K&N – Fits 1997-2000 Chevy Corvette – Covers older Chevrolet Corvette models


Highlighted Features

  • K&N known product longevity thanks to the material they use
  • Visible increase in horsepower – 50% increase in airflow guaranteed
  • Improved towing and uphill performance
  • Increased engine growl
  • Reduces the need of changing filters

Another winner from K&N, this product also has the chance to become the best cold air intake kit for C5 Corvette.

From 1997 to 2000, this kit fits all models of Chevrolet C5 Corvette, so you don’t have to worry about it fitting under the hood. Moreover, the installation process will raise no issues whatsoever.

One problem that some people encountered was modifying the radiator shroud, but K&N made it even that convenient by adding all parts for that process in the kit as well.

This product definitely deserves its high regard, considering that almost all people who left reviews mentioned the visibly increased vehicle performance, from gas mileage to torque and acceleration.

There’s nothing not to like about this product, so give it a go if you want a kit that’s both affordable and efficient.


  • Easy installation process – bolt-on system
  • Washable filter – should be cleaned every 100,000 miles
  • Fits older Corvette models


  • Instructions may be confusing to some extent
  • Might require buying O rings separately

04. Cold Air Intake Kit from Airaid – Fits 2001-2004 Chevy Corvette – Average price, striking performance


Highlighted Features

  • Aerodynamically engineered intake tube for visibly increased performance
  • Reduced turbulence – unimpeded airflow path
  • Reusable, washable filter
  • Bolt-on installation system
  • Visible acceleration gain

Airaid know what they’re doing. This cold air intake kit is appreciated by Chevy owners, as it has plenty of positive reviews.

One thing that might get you worried is the price, but it’s actually an average one compared to the rest of the products available on the market.

Taking into account what this kit offers, it’s really difficult to ignore it.

It comes with an intake tube that was aerodynamically designed by Airaid for increasing performance in all respects.

Another huge advantage of this kit is how easily it can be installed.

Only some vehicles require slight modifications, but most Chevy owners didn’t have to worry about that according to their testimonials.

It’s one of the products you should consider as the best cold air intake for C5 Corvette, no doubt involved.


  • The easy installation process with all hardware included
  • Replaces entire kit – stock airbox, filter, tubing
  • The filter can be washed (with option for oiled changeable filters)


  • Instructions might not be clear enough for a beginner
  • Might require slight changes on specific Chevy models

05. Cold Air Intake Kit from Volant – Fits 2001-2004 Chevy Corvette – Another eye-catching product from a known brand


Highlighted Features

  • Injects more oxygen-rich air and helps filtration
  • Bolt-on installation system for a fast process
  • Made from cross-link polyethylene and polished aluminum/carbon fiber
  • Encourages a proper air-to-fuel consumption ratio
  • The offers great protection against contaminants

Volant makes an entrance with yet another cold air intake kit that gets the appreciation of the public.

Most of those who already tried it say that the product has no downsides at all, doing exactly what it is supposed to do.

Using the classic Volant performance design, this kit is known for increasing the vehicle’s performance to the maximum.

From acceleration to torque and reduced turbulence, you get it all.

As all cold air intake kits from Volant, this one comes with specially designed cold air intake kits made from cross-link polyethylene and polished aluminum or carbon fiber.

The gains in terms of horsepower and acceleration are truly superior, pushing them to the max, with no weak points brought to the table.

The filter can be washed and the period between cleaning sessions can be determined by driving conditions.

It is a good product overall, that has all chances to be the best cold air intake for C5 Corvette. It all depends on what you expect from it!


  • Reusable air filter media – cost reduction on filtering
  • The life-long product specially designed by Volant
  • Enclosed with a sealed lid


  • Fitment of air bridge might not be perfect on some models
  • The installation process might be unclear for beginners

06. Cold Air Intake System from BBK – Fits all C5 Corvette Models – An option to consider for specific needs


Highlighted Features

  • Fits a wide range of Corvette models – all launched from 1997 to 2004
  • Bolt-on installation system for easy placement
  • Improves all aspects related to your vehicle’s performance – HP, torque, throttle, acceleration
  • Washable filter included
  • Great looks – finished with polished aluminum

Another brand to consider is BBK. They produce cold air intake systems that are worthy of appreciation.

They come with all the qualities you’d want from the product, but with a slightly higher price than you’d usually see for a less popular brand.

Even so, this product is quite well rated and it does what you’d expect from a cold air intake system – it increases horsepower, torque, throttle response, and acceleration.

The gas mileage will be positively impacted as well. The best part about this cold air intake system specifically is that it can be installed in 30 minutes or less, given its bolt-on direct replacement design.

One downside would be that the polished aluminum finish, even though it gives the product an expensive look, is prone to scratches.


Very easy and rapid installation process
No modifications required for installing on any of the models
Makes a visible difference in engine performance


The polished aluminum finish can get scratched
The oxygen sensor is sensitive

07. Cold Air Intake Kit from SLP Performance Parts – Fits 1997-2000 Chevy Corvette – Good catch for older models


Highlighted Features

  • Great durability – products used are high quality
  • Good price-quality ratio compared to other products on the market
  • Improves overall vehicle performance
  • Designed for 1997-2000 Chevy Corvette vehicles
  • Reduces need for changing filters

This product is famous for its filtering system. SLP Performance Parts came up with this amazing washable filter that saves owners a lot of money in the long run.

In terms of a performance boost, this cold air intake kit is not as efficient as others present on the market, but it compensates through its impeccable sound and its filter.

The filter comes equipped with a sensor and the material allows for easy, no-damage cleanup, keeping debris and contaminants away from the engine.

Plus, this product finds itself in the lower price range for such kits. Taking into account that it fits older Corvette models, it’s a total catch and it deserves some attention.


  • Easy to mount
  • High-quality materials used
  • Maximized airflow performance


  • Installation instructions can be difficult to read by beginners
  • May require some vehicle modifications on certain models for perfect fitment


08. Cold Air Intake System from BBK – Fits 1997-2004 C5 Corvette – A classy product with loads of benefits


Highlighted Features

  • Fits a wide range of C5 Corvette editions
  • Has a bolt-on system for easy installation
  • Improves overall performance, including throttle response
  • The filter is fully washable
  • The inlet tube is a high flow one for maximized airflow

This cold air intake system from BBK is a very good deal that combines the benefits you’d expect from a first-class product at an affordable price.

It fits C5 Corvette editions launched between 1997 and 2004. It is a very classy product with a premium finish that visibly increases vehicle performance.

With its throttle response, you’ll see a huge difference while driving your C5 Corvette in different scenarios.

You’ll notice a big difference when towing as well. BBK managed to put together a very neat kit, and it was received well by car owners.

It is a good candidate for the best cold air intake for C5 Corvette position.


  • Titanium silver powder coat finish for a nice look under the hood
  • Includes all required hardware for installation
  • High flow cotton element filter


  • Might require small vehicle modifications for good fitment
  • Instructions are not suitable for beginners

09. Cold Air Intake from Click2Go – Fits 1997-2000 C5 Corvette – Reliable product within an affordable price range


Highlighted Features

  • Fits 1997-2000 C5 Corvette models perfectly
  • It’s very durable – made from premium materials only
  • Can be assembled without additional parts included
  • Reliable and long lifespan
  • Increases horsepower and torque up to 10%

This list could not have been ended without a Click2Go product on it. Click2Go is known for producing long-lasting parts, and this cold air intake kit is no exception.

This system fits the C5 Corvette models before 2000, so pay lots of attention to fitment.

Models that are newer than the 2000 version will require a lot of car modifications that will end up being more expensive than the product itself.

The good part about this product specifically is that it is made from high-quality materials.

More than that, it can be installed with no additional parts included. It is reliable, well-reviewed in the market, and carries enough weight to be named the best cold air intake for C5 Corvette.


  • Made from T-306 aluminum and stainless steel
  • Visibly higher explosive horsepower output
  • Noticeable increase in throttle response


  • The instructions are not suitable for a person with no experience
  • Fits only older models of C5 Corvette

How To Choose A Cold Air Intake

Many people believe that everything there is to cold air intake is better-sounding cars. In fact, that’s not true.

Cold air intakes bring many more other benefits to the table, upgrading the vehicle’s overall performance.

Even though the changes are not life-changing, and they won’t fully transform your car into a beast, they will bring them closer to one.

Getting professional upgrades is way more costly than buying and installing an aftermarket cold air intake.

See below some buying considerations to take into account:

What’s a cold air intake anyway?

Simply put, a cold air intake is a vehicle part that pushes cool air into the engine. By sucking colder air, the engine gets better combustion, and the filters are less prone to damage.

The more oxygen is brought into the combustion chamber, the more likely it is to obtain more power from your vehicle.

Factory air intake systems are much more restrictive in terms of air circulation, limiting the engine’s power.

What benefits should I expect from it?

Increased horsepower

Because it will directly affect your engine’s output power, cold air intakes can result in increased horsepower.

The difference won’t be huge, but it will be noticeable. In a normal scenario, the combustion cycle uses hot air which is much less efficient and clogs the filter.

By increasing the rate of oxygen through cooler air, you increase the horsepower. The upgrade can range between 3 to 15 additional HP after installation.

Better acceleration

The same goes for the acceleration of your car. You’ll start noticing this immediately after driving the car with the cold air intake one.

With the car’s engine responsiveness surged, the vehicle will reach the needed speeds in less time than it used to beforehand.

Of course, don’t expect to see a huge boost from the start, but you may indeed notice a difference in the way you reach the desired speed.

Better gas mileage

There are people who consider that an increased gas mileage after installing a cold air intake is, in fact, a myth.

Well – it isn’t. But it’s not guaranteed either. Depending on the model of your car and on the way you use it, you might see a slight improvement in your gas mileage.

This happens because the vehicle was previously deprived of oxygen which often leads to increased fuel consumption.

Once a cold air intake is on, you get an optimum consumption ratio which, of course, leads to fuel economy.

Increased engine sound

A very common reason why people get cold air intake is the engine roar.

Air intakes that are officially installed on vehicles are meant to keep quiet, but aftermarket ones are all about the noise.

Cold air intakes suck more air in, at a higher intensity, thus producing a stronger sound.

Less filter changing

Have you noticed how often you change filters on your C5 Corvette? Is not a new car, and it’s only normal to invest quite an amount in maintaining it in good condition.

Well, adding a cold air intake to the scheme will reduce filter damage. You’ll change them less often, so that’s another expenditure besides gas mileage that you’ll reduce.

Are there any risks?

There are no risks per se when installing the cold air intake, but you should keep an eye on factors like these:

  • You no longer notice the power/acceleration surge – if you start seeing that the vehicle goes back to its initial power, either check out the air filter or the whole cold air intake system – it might be faulty
  • Your vehicle has a high idle – if you start seeing that your car has an oddly high idle, take a moment and check the vacuum ports; if something looks out of place, you might experience a vacuum leak in your cold air intake system
  • The “Check Engine” sensor is on – if the cold air intake causes serious problems to the engine, this sensor will pop on your dashboard; you should see a specialist in this case


This guide is specifically focused on finding the best cold air intake for C5 Corvette.

This Chevrolet model is very popular, especially the Z06 performance model.

Each generation came with different benefits and – despite its old age – the car remains in the top preferences of automotive enthusiasts.

Adding a good cold air intake to it will only accentuate its impressive bits.

The 2004 C5 Corvette can get a serious upgrade in performance if you just add this part to it.

That’s why these are so looked for and so difficult to find!

We hope that this brief guide helped with the purchasing process at least partially.

Each review is to be trusted and the buying considerations were carefully selected to help you make the wisest choice.

Good luck at choosing the best cold air intake for C5 Corvette!

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