Top 7 Best Exhaust For C5 Corvette 2022: Great Sounding & Performance

The best exhaust for C5 Corvette improves the sound of your vehicle. Suppose you are considering a replacement for your factory exhaust.

In that case, it is crucial to choose from one of the best aftermarket Corvette exhaust designs on the market. 

Over the years, one of the top upgrades considered by C5 Corvette owners is the exhaust replacement.

This replacement is conducted for various reasons.

This could be to attain a higher level of performance, enhance the vehicle’s appearance, or improve the engine sound quality, thereby providing a louder and smooth sound.

Since there are many exhaust designs or models on the market, you should know the best c5 corvette exhaust you can invest in.

We understand how difficult it is to identify the best exhaust designs on the market. That is why we have prepared this guide to help you through this process.

We have carefully selected 7 top exhaust brands for C5 from the numerous options on the market that you can install or mount on your vehicle.

In the end, you will save time and as well invest in one of the best brands that you can find out there.

These brands were chosen based on top factors or qualities such as their outstanding design, incredible performance, extra power, sound enhancement, improved fuel economy, reliability, durability, and affordability. 

The best exhaust designs for C5 Corvette on the market are Borla, Tassel, Flowtech, SRS, and Corsa.

What is The Best Exhaust For C5 Corvette?

Borla 140039 is the best exhaust that C5 Corvette owners can invest in. This product is designed to match your vehicle’s personality.

Thanks to its numerous features that ensure increased performance.

Why Borla 140039 is The Best Brand For C5 Corvette Exhaust?

Borla 140039 is made from premium stainless steel, which guarantees durability and longevity, quality, outstanding performance, and unmatchable sound.

Also, its impressive system functions guarantee an improvement in horsepower. 

7 Best Exhaust For C5 Corvette Reviews

01. Borla 140039 – Best Quality Exhaust For C5 Corvette

Highlighted Features 

  • 44 pounds in weight 
  • Top-quality stainless steel 
  • Bolt-on installation 
  • 2 exhaust system 
  • Smooth mandrel bends 
  • Comes with all the necessary hardware

If you are looking for the best exhaust design that ensures your vehicle continues running at its best, here is a perfect choice for you.

Borla 140039 is well-engineered, and it improves the sound and overall quality of your exhaust system. 

The premium stainless steel ensures this exhaust lasts longer. It can withstand extreme temperatures, and performance is not affected by vibration or while driving on rough terrain. 

The bolt-on installation process makes it easy for anyone to conduct the installation.

So, you do not need any technical experience or special tools before you can mount it on your vehicle.

You may need to lift your C5 before installation to perform the mounting exercise smoothly and stress-free.

All the hardware or components that you need for successful mounting are included in the kit.  

The sound produced by this product is calm and doesn’t give a loud and aggressive roar.

So, if you are looking for an exhaust that generates a highly aggressive or more audible sound, this design may not be the ideal choice for you.


  • Not affected by rust 
  • Guarantees maximum reliability and durability
  • The protection offered to your vehicle is unrivaled 


  • Installation may be complicated and complex without a lift 
  • The packaging is average 

02. Borla 140017 – Best Popular C5 Corvette Exhaust System

Highlighted Features 

  • 40.5 pounds in weight 
  • Dual exhaust design 
  • Top-quality stainless steel material 
  • Comes with the necessary hardware and installation guide 
  • Sold as a kit 

This is another impressive design from Borla. This model is built or made from top-quality stainless steel.

This material ensures it is not affected by rust and corrosion. It also guarantees uninterrupted performance under extreme conditions. 

So, irrespective of the temperature or the road quality, you can comfortably drive your vehicle without any worries.

This tells you how reliable and dependable this product is.

The sound produced is deep, although not extremely loud, until you step on the gas. Also, the price is pocket-friendly.

This is one of the most affordable models you will find on the market for its quality.

When installed on your C5, it enhances your vehicle’s power and torque and improves the engine’s life-span.  

The installation is not complex. It takes about 40 minutes to successfully mount this exhaust on your C5.

The kit comes with all the components you need to carry out this operation.

To ensure you have the best experience and get the necessary assistance or guidance during installation, make sure you follow the installation manual’s instructions.

Overall, Borla 140017 offers impressive quality in terms of performance and sound at an excellent price.

If you are a C5 owner who cares more about quality and ready to spend some extra bucks, here is a design you can invest in. 

The reviews from C5 owners who have installed this design on their vehicles show that you can’t go wrong with this selection. 


  • An excellent quality design. It fits perfectly on an installed vehicle
  • It produces a fantastic sound 
  • Sold at a great price and nicely packaged 
  • The installation is easy 


  • Throaty sound but not aggressive 

03. Tassel 60087 – Best C5 Corvette Exhaust

Highlighted Features

  • 44.5 x 21.7 x 10.5 in dimension 
  • Top-quality stainless steel material 
  • 18 pounds in weight 
  • Installation manual and hardware 
  • Bolt-on installation 
  • X pipe design 

Are you tired of the constant annoying H pipe sound, and you are looking for a way of eliminating it after series of unsuccessful attempts to diagnose the problem?

This exhaust design solves the issue. In the end, your C5 will achieve a very smooth sound.

The sound quality is impressive- not extremely harsh or aggressive, and not extremely quiet.

Overall, it gives a better tone than most other brands or models on the market.

According to several online reviews, C5 owners believe it gives their vehicles a peculiar sound attributed to C5 Corvette.

The exhaust is built from premium stainless steel, and the weld quality is superior.

No matter how extreme the road condition is, Tassel 60087 is designed to withstand anything thrown at it, and it is built to last long. 

The installation is not complicated. The necessary hardware you need to get the job done is included in the kit.

During installation, you may need a chain pipe cutter for a smooth operation. 

Suppose you are installing an exhaust for the first time. In that case, you should consider talking to an expert to carry out the installation for you.

You may find the installation complex and completely strange by relying solely on the installation manual that comes with the package since it is not detailed or instructive enough. 


  • Not affected by corrosion or rust 
  • This design is not affected by extreme weather conditions 
  • Enhances torque and horsepower 
  • Gives the exhaust a deeper sound 


  • User’s guide/instruction manual is not well detailed 
  • Cutting may be required during installation

04. Borla 140038

Highlighted Features 

  • High-quality steel material 
  • 5 pounds in weight 
  • 2 units 
  • S-type system 
  • Round tip shape 

The 140038 exhaust is another well-designed model from Borla. It is built and designed using multi-core technology, which guarantees an improvement in horsepower and ensures a more aggressive sound is produced whenever you step on the gas.

This gives you the attention you deserve everywhere you go or anywhere you find yourself. 

So, if you are looking for an exhaust that only becomes extremely loud when you want it, here is a perfect pick for you. 

The improvement in exhaust velocity achieved with this exhaust’s installation brings about additional torque and power, making driving more fun and exciting. This also improves fuel economy.

The exhaust is made from top-quality stainless material.

This material is resistant to corrosion and rust, thereby ensuring optimum and unrestricted performance at all times. It also brings about extended reliability and durability.

Borla 140038 is designed to fit your C5 Corvette perfectly, and this is an investment you will be happy with.

The installation is not complex, and the kit comes with all the parts, components, or items you need for a stress-free exercise. 


  • Provides an impressive sound improvement
  • Very durable and long-lasting design 
  • Guarantees maximum flow and power
  • Fits perfectly on installed C5 Corvette 


  • A bit expensive but worth the price 

05. Flowtech 11145

Highlighted Features 

  • Factory mounting points
  • Premium stainless steel 
  • Hardware included 
  • Sold as a kit 
  • 2 units 
  • Round tip shape 

Flowtech is a top brand in the automobile industry. The brand has been around for a very long time, and it’s well known among vehicle owners for quality and performance.

These attributes have gained them an incredible level of trust over the years. They are consistent with excellent service delivery to retain customers’ loyalty, commitments, and patronage. 

Just as many of their other products, Flowtech 11145 was built with superior performance in mind. Here is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for a product that offers both quality and value. 

The steel material used in the construction of this exhaust is top-quality, which offers a high strength level.

The welds quality is also awe-inspiring, which contributes to the fascinating appearance and guarantees longevity.

The installation is effortless, thanks to the factory mounting points that come with it. The improved tube geometry allows maximum ground clearance and contributes significantly to the smooth installation process. 

Asides from enhancing the sound quality and vehicle’s performance, this exciting exhaust design from Flowtech also adds style to your C5 Corvette.

Thanks to its well-polished stainless steel tips. 


  • Quality welds for durability, longevity, and appealing looks 
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Produces an aggressive exhaust sound when you step on the gas 
  • Improved tube geometry guarantees maximum ground clearance


  • Pricey design 

06. SRS Catback

Highlighted Features 

  • Bolt-on installation 
  • Made from top-quality stainless steel 
  • Mandrel curved tube
  • 15 horsepower increase
  • QUAD 4″ Dual wall

This is the most affordable design on our list. If you are looking for an exhaust design that offers amazing value for your money- appearance, sound, and performance, here is an excellent choice for you. 

This exhaust design is constructed using solid stainless steel. The finish is impressive, which contributes significantly to this product’s overall appearance when mounted on your C5.

SRS Catback guarantees a smooth deep sound that catches the attention of other C5 enthusiasts whenever you drive. It also enhances your vehicle’s performance and power by increasing horsepower. 

The installation is easy and straightforward, thanks to its bolt-on design.

No welding is required, and all the components you need for successful mounting comes with the kit. When installed, it fits perfectly on your vehicle.

The packaging is impressive, and it is one of the best you will see on the market.

Although the clamps look average, which is understandable considering the price, they do the job perfectly. 

Overall, this is an incredible exhaust design. It competes greatly with other expensive models on the market in terms of performance and sound quality.

If you are on a budget and you desire a product that gives the best value for your money, don’t look elsewhere. 


  • Doesn’t require welding 
  • Very affordable design 
  • Perfect fit for C5, and the installation is easy 
  • Impressive packaging 


  • Clamps are of average quality 

07. Corsa 14962

Highlighted Features 

  • Premium stainless steel construction 
  • 45 pounds in weight 
  • High definition laser engraving
  • 2 units exhaust 
  • X-pipe design 
  • Sold as a kit

This exhaust comes with several exciting features that put it ahead of many other designs on the market.

Corsa 14962 was specially and carefully designed to provide unique engine performance at every ride, thanks to the unrivaled muffler technology that’s deployed during construction.

The primary aim for adopting and utilizing this technology is to ensure every C5 owners get the ideal product for their vehicle. 

Other incredible features are the non-restrictive design and the reflective sound cancellation technology.

This technology is patented, and it is effective in eliminating those frustrating low frequencies that result in vibration.

In the end, you are guaranteed smooth and impressive sound. 

The stainless steel material used in constructing this product is top-quality. Also, the mandrel bends and tips are well-polished to improve your vehicle’s appearance.

The installation is straightforward and smooth, and the kit comes with all the components and parts you need for successful mounting.

It fits perfectly on installed vehicles. You won’t need any reason to cut or weld any part or component during mounting. 

Also, this incredible innovation lowers backpressure, which increases your engine’s horsepower and torque. 


  • Performance is not affected by adverse conditions 
  • Ensures the engine produces extra horsepower and torque
  • Easy to install, and no cutting or welding is required 


  • A very expensive design 

Buying Consideration

Now that we have discussed the best exhaust brands on the market, let us look at some of the major factors you may need to consider before choosing the design or brand to go for. 

Getting an exhaust for your C5 goes beyond choosing a design from a list of options made available to you.

You need to think about some things before you can finally conclude on the design to go for.

This section will give you the direction you need to pick the best exhaust out of the various options we have discussed. 


While looking at the brand or design of exhaust to buy, it is important to consider your pocket first.

Come up with a certain amount of money that you are willing to invest in this purchase.

As you know, there are several exhaust designs or models on the market, and the prices are different.

When you have a particular amount in mind, it becomes easier to tailor your search to products that fall within this price range.

In this guide, we have listed 7 top products. There are affordable models, there are mid-priced designs, and there are pricey options to choose from.

The amazing thing about all of these products is that they contribute incredibly to your vehicle’s overall improvement- performance and sound quality. 

Construction Material 

The material used in constructing your choice of exhaust design goes a long way in determining its durability.

You need an exhaust that can’t be easily impacted by extreme conditions.

For guaranteed strength and longevity, go for a design that is made from premium quality material.

An exhaust made from premium stainless steel is an ideal choice.

Besides ensuring your exhaust performance is not restricted by adverse conditions such as high temperature and rough terrains.

It also guarantees it is not affected by rust and corrosion. So, your exhaust can stay on your vehicle for an extended period. 


Make sure you check the product details to confirm if your product choice is the ideal pick for your vehicle.

In essence, choose an exhaust design that is compatible and specially made for C5 Corvette.

The Type of Sound Produced

 One of the significant reasons why C5 owners consider a replacement of the factory exhaust with an aftermarket design is sound.

Since every vehicle owner’s needs and requirements are different, we understand that the booming and aggressive sound is not a quality that every C5 owner appreciates or looks out for.

While some designs are built to produce a booming or aggressive sound that attracts people’s attention in your neighborhood.

Some are designed to generate smooth and subtle sounds. So, make sure you go for an exhaust that offers your type of sound.

The amazing thing is that the difference in sound produce doesn’t affect or lower your engine’s performance. 


The purpose of an exhaust goes beyond the improvement in performance and sound quality.

While some vehicle owners consider these qualities highly, others look out for a brand, design, or model that improves or enhances their vehicle’s appearance.

Several models are designed to enhance the vehicle’s looks and allow owners to customize the exhaust to their taste.

So, if your primary aim of installing an exhaust is to improve your vehicle’s appearance, make sure you choose a design that offers this quality. 


We recommend you go for a product that can be easily mounted or installed on your vehicle without the need for special tools or technical experience.

Exhaust with the bolt-on installation design fits perfectly into this description. Also, you may want to consider an exhaust that doesn’t require welding or cutting during installation.

Suppose you are conducting a replacement for the first time. In that case, you may want to choose an exhaust design that comes with all the necessary installation hardware and an illustrative installation manual that shows the steps involved carefully. 

Improved fuel economy: 

This factor might not be one of the major reasons why C5 owners get their factory exhaust replaced by an aftermarket design, but it is certainly a bonus when you add it to the primary benefits you stand to gain at the end of the day.

A top-quality exhaust ensures you save a few bucks on gas by ensuring you get an extra 1-2 percent MPG.

In addition to the fuel economy, your engine will perform better and efficiently, thereby extending its life span. 


This is the top reason you should consider replacing your factory or old exhaust with an aftermarket design.

Although there are other valuable reasons for installing an exhaust on your C5, performance enhancement is considered the most important factor.

While stock exhaust pipes restrict your engine performance, installing the best performance exhaust design eliminates these restrictions.

Go for a brand or design that improves power, flow, and toque for overall performance improvement. 


To find the best exhaust for C5 Corvette, you need to tailor your search towards top-quality models, designs, or brands.

This article discusses the best C5 corvette exhaust designs that you can install on your vehicle.

Irrespective of your expectations or budget, the brand listed in this guide will make an incredible difference in your vehicle’s overall performance.

Each brand has its unique features, and they all deliver an excellent level of sound, performance, and quality. 

We hope that the information we have provided is adequate to clearly explain the things you should look out for in an exhaust.

When you use the information or knowledge gained from this article, we are very optimistic that you will make the best decision that meets your needs and requirements

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