Top 7 Best C5 Corvette Seat Covers Replacement 2022

Are you looking for the best C5 corvette seat covers? Have you searched for them all over the internet and you couldn’t make a decision?

Or have your friends told you about some seat covers but you aren’t sure whether to buy them or not? You came to the right place. Our review gives you the helping hand you need.

If you want to change the look inside your car, feel more comfortable, and get rid of the usual and boring appearance, then you need to pick out the best seat covers.

This can be a tough decision when it comes to cars, especially for those who love vehicles, but there are various options ready to be selected.

And the price has no term of comparison when it’s all about quality.

What are the best C5 corvette seat covers?

Iggee is the best brand for C5 corvette seat covers in accordance with our research. It provides three key elements that every driver needs: comfort, durability, and a modern look.

Why Iggee is the best brand for C5 corvette seat covers?

Iggee is our winner in this case due to its easy installation, its tough material, and the synthetical leather which is a very qualitative and durable material.

The Best C5 Corvette Seat Cover Replacement Reviews

01. Iggee Artificial Leather 1997-2004 – Best Quality C5 Corvette Leather Seat Covers


Highlighted Features

  • Custom Made
  • Cover the Original Seats
  • Easy to Clean
  • Premium Comfort
  • Waterproof Resistant

Our primary choice for the best C5 corvette seat covers is represented by Iggee Artificial Leather Chevy Corvette C5.

This model was designed for front seats, thus the driver and the passenger can both enjoy driving wherever they go.

There are no more excuses so that you call off your wished long trip.

On the other hand, the seat covers are accessible for everyone to install and they can be very simply put on the seat.

Moreover, the material perfectly fits on the side impact airbags, power controls, and seat adjusters.

These seat covers are made of the most elevated P.V.C material that is a very serious competitor for original leather.

They provide added comfort, waterproof resistance, and are also stain-proof.

More than that, the style is extremely important for those who pay attention to even the smallest details.

The range of colors this model has 10 options, ranging from beige to gray or black combinations with other colors, for example, black and red.

By purchasing these protections for your seats, they will maintain a better condition over time.

Or if you have damaged seats, this is the most suitable option for you.

Do you need more reasons to achieve them? They are all you call for.

Good looking, high-quality material, stain-proof, waterproof, easy-cleaning, easy-installing, and all these advantages for a reasonable price.


  • Easy to install
  • Good quality
  • Perfect fit


  • Not enough hooks to install

02. OASIS AUTO Leather & Fabric – Best C5 Car Seat Covers


Highlighted Features

  • Step-by-Step Video Installation
  • Leather and fabric material
  • Perfectly fit for all types of vehicles
  • Expandable rear covers
  • Airbag compatible

Do you want to change the look inside your car? Or your seats are damaged and you don’t want to change them?

Here is the solution! Oasis Auto Leather and Fabric Car Seat Covers are the best options for you.

Besides the fact that this type has a vast range of colors and styles (more than 100 different colors).

They were designed to provide you the most comfortable ride and make you feel relaxed every time you drive.

The universal package perfectly fits on SUVs, trucks, and four-door Sedans.

But if you have a 2-door coupe, there’s no problem. You can also choose front seat covers.

Not to mention the fact that the packet comes with a video tutorial which shows step by step guide to making sure that you will be able to fix easily every seat cover.

This means that you can buy it and if you aren’t satisfied enough with what it can provide to your car, you can return it without any inconvenience.

Oasis will completely change your car. They offer protection for the original seats and make your vehicle unique.

There are some keywords that will help you to decide whether to buy them or not, the choice is yours: high-quality material, perfect fit, particular look, and fair price.


  • Easy to install
  • Perfect fit
  • Very comfortable


  • The elastic bands may be too short

03. Interior Innovations – Best Custom Leather Seat Covers For C5 Corvette


Highlighted Features

  • Synthetic Leather
  • Custom Made
  • Foam Padding
  • Map Pockets
  • Fresh and Sport Style

Are you a raving lover of sports cars? Do you like adrenaline and want to equip properly your car?

The inside is always the first step from where you have to begin.

The driver must feel himself during driving. And what is the best solution in this case?

Interior Innovations ‎Corvette C5 is one of the best choices for seat covers.

These seat protections are manufactured from the best synthetic leather.

This kit comes with foam padding included and it is custom made even for the most demanding customers.

Besides, one of the most significant things is represented by the fact that the seats give to their customers the best durability over time.

The quality offered by the manufacturer is premium (finest quality automotive grade).

Besides this feature, the covers include heavy froth cushioning for a close and easy fit.

And what is the most interesting thing here? The fact that they are also equipped with map pockets.

This is amazing for those who love traveling, isn’t it?

The style is perfect for car racers. This combination of colors, namely black and red increases the level of adrenaline inside your body and transpose the driver in the middle of the action.

And don’t mention that the price is very acceptable. These seat covers are the most excellent choice for you.


  • Comfortable material
  • Well-fixing
  • Good covering


  • One single color

04. OASIS AUTO Leather Car Seat Covers OS-003


Highlighted Features

  • Leather Manufactured
  • Expandable Rear Covers
  • Airbag Compatible
  • Detachable Headrest
  • Very Comfortable

Do you want to change the interior of your car but you can’t decide what to choose? We are here to help you.

So, for those who want something classy, especially for gentlemen, Oasis Auto Leather Car Seat Covers are the right option.

And if you need a wide range of colors and styles, here are over 100 hundred variants.

This product comes with a step-by-step video installation kit that shows you how to fix the covers.

Thus, you will be able to fix the sits at the same time as the specialists from the video.

This model is compatible with SUVs, four-door Sedans, and trucks. But what happens if you drive a coupe?

There’s nothing that can stop you from purchasing front seat covers.

On the other hand, you will get a guarantee that you will receive all your money back if you aren’t convinced that this model fits your car.

Oasis’ designs cover up the faded interior and protect the original seats. They add a unique note to your car and make it unrecognizable.

High-quality products, good price, superior comfort to the best price as usual.


  • Premium design
  • Precise fitting
  • High-qualitative material


  • May be difficult to install

05. Synthetic Leather Seat Covers for C5 Corvette


Highlighted Features

  • Pre-installed Velcros
  • Synthetic Leather Made
  • Modern Design
  • Classy style
  • Premium comfort

If you are searching for a classic or an old-school model, these   Synthetic Leather Seat Covers are the ideal choice for your car.

The material from which they are made (synthetic leather) and the black color give them a sober note that fits well with the pointing gentlemen in this direction.

These seat covers are custom-made and come with pre-installed velcros. Their durability in time is also well-defined and they can resist until 24.000 miles.

Not to mention the fact that every board of these covers has a heavy froth cushioning for a compact and adequate fit.

The most fascinating thing about this model is the fact that both covers come with map pockets for those who love traveling.

And if you don’t like driving so much, these compartments can be used for your personal things or for food or water.

Isn’t it wonderful? One more thing to notice, namely that these covers will only fit on Standard style seats, so you have to look carefully before buying them.

Those black covers will absolutely change your car’s interior. The price is also affordable and they are worth the effort.


  • Easy to fix
  • Very practical
  • Easy to clean


  • The shipping may take some time

06. Genuine Leather Seat Covers for C5 Corvette


Highlighted Features

  • Genuine Leather Manufactured
  • Custom made
  • Only for Sport Style Seats
  • Opening Under the Headrests
  • Premium Quality

If you possess a sports car and you want to change its interior design, these Genuine Leather Seat Covers are an excellent choice.

We all want to get rid of the old aspect of our cars at a certain moment. Especially when we have an old one or we already have it for a long period of time.

And what is the most appropriate thing to do in this case? Of course, to buy some new seat covers.

These ones are made from the best genuine leather with a combination of black and yellow colors (double topstitching).

This package provides heavy froth cushioning for a precise and simple fit. Furthermore, it is custom-made and gives its customers durability over time.

They also have openings under the headrests and the red stripe on the bottom cushion covers can be detached.

If it comes to toe quality-price ratio, this is the best choice for sports cars.


  • Not difficult to install
  • Perfect cover
  • Extremely resistant


  • They fit only for sports cars

07. Interior Innovations C5 Corvette Seat Covers


Highlighted Features

  • Pre-installed Velcros
  • Custom Made
  • Synthetic Leather Manufactured
  • High durability
  • Very comfortable

If you are a lady and want to make a change to your sports car, you came to the right place. Every big improvement comes from the inside, and for cars, it begins with the seats.

So, Interior Innovations C5 Seat Covers are the best option for you.

Excepting the premium material from which they are made (the finest quality automotive grade; light oak synthetic leather and black inserts with light oak stitching), they come with seat foam for every cover.

They have a custom-made design, with pre-installed velcros. Regarding the components, that every board of these covers has a heavy froth cushioning for a stable and perfect fit and both seat skins come with map pockets for those who love traveling.

They also have openings under the headrests. The kit is designed for both driver and passenger side cushions and comes with 6 pieces as a whole.

More than that, they have a toughness till 3 years or 24.000 miles. The price is very decent and everyone can afford it.


  • Easy to clean
  • High quality
  • Perfect fit


  • Only for sport seats

Buying Considerations of C5 Corvette Aftermarket Seats


If you want to buy the best C5 corvette seat covers, you have to look carefully at the material from which they are made.

Of course, leather is the best option and we have already chosen only this kind of product, but you have to think twice before achieving it.

Look thoroughly at the material to be original and qualitative leather, not an imitation.


In order to make the right decision for your car, you have to look t some key features, if you want that your car benefits from the best seat covers.

Waterproof resistant, stain-proof and added comfort are the most important characteristics that have to be taken into consideration.


As far as that goes the compatibility, the seat covers can’t always fit on the car model.

This happens frequently due to the fact that they are produced at a very large scale by machines and they can have errors sometimes.

Another reason that the ordered covers don’t fit your car seats is that the company delivering them can confuse the cover patterns, which are very similar to each other.

Or the employees are not careful with the packages. Therefore, you must purchase a returnable product.


Cleaning is the first aspect that you have to think about when you buy something, especially seat covers.

They can get dirty, stain with coffee or juice or food, and cleaning should be easy. Or suppose we don’t have enough time to clean them.

Nowadays, everything goes extremely fast, time is limited, and the last thing we want is to complicate our lives.

We need to make smart choices and save time as best we can to do everything we set out to do.

And last but not least, cleanliness comes first for our health, as well as for the appearance of the car.

Easy-cleaning seat covers are the right ones.


Durability represents a very important thing that has to be taken into account.

When you invest in something, you have to make a good decision, a good long-term decision in this case.

In the previous section, you will find only tough seat covers which give you approximately 3 years or 24.000 miles of comfortable driving.

It has never been so pleasant.

Special Features

When it comes to special features, every driver should have something at hand to drink or to look at.

By special features, we mean the well-known map pockets which make travelers’ lives easier.

Who wouldn’t want some seat covers where they can store what they need?

Or who wouldn’t love to put a book there or their favorite food? Every time we make a choice, it must be a practical one, one that can offer as many advantages as possible.


Nowadays, car seat covers are required. Everything moves too fast, and we don’t want to stain or damage the seats.

In addition, we no longer have time to take care of our own vehicles, so upholstery protection is the best choice.

On the other hand, the old textile upholstery deteriorates very quickly if we have many passengers in the car who do not sit still.

So, as a precaution and to prolong the life of our seats, the best choice is to buy some leather covers suitable for our car.

This review was specially created for you so that you can make the right choice for your car.

Many times we are undecided and do not know what we want, and reviews are the most useful in such situations.

That way we can safely and quickly choose what we need.

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