How Much HP Does A C5 Corvette Have?- A Perfect Explanation!

How much HP does a C5 Corvette have? Do you ever ask yourself this question? If yes, we will reveal the answer here today.

The C5 Corvette specs show that this car was an improved version of the American Sportscar, the Corvette C4. It is the fifth-generation car of the Chevrolet Corvette.

The C5 emerged on January 6th, 1997, and its production continued until 2004. It was a significant upgrade over prior cars as it had a brand-new engine and frame.

Also, the 1997 Corvette horsepower was good, and it had a different transmission location. The first sale included two versions of the car.

These were Corvette convertible and Corvette Coupe. However, the latter came first and remained in the market for one year.

A complete revamp of the C4 Corvette, the Corvette C5 had many new parts. It was hugely better than the predecessor car in terms of performance, technology, and power.

How much HP does a C5 Corvette have? 

5.7-L LS1 V8 engine (1997 to 2000)

During the C5 production era, the GM 5.7-liter LS1 V8 became the primary powertrain. The 1997 c5 corvette specs show that the production period run between 1997 and 2000.

The LS1 C5 Corvette was an unstoppable power plant whose aluminum engine block became the foundation technology for future vehicle models.

The LS1 had a nodular crankshaft, aluminum flat-top pistons, and a 55mm journal hydraulic roller camshaft. It had revamped cylinder heads with thermoplastic composite intake for reducing weight and unneeded heat.

Also, when designing the LS1, GM used individual coil packs in every cylinder. It was contrary to what GM was known for before: distributor-based ignition systems. The fresh ECM-driven ignition systems allowed efficient and complete combustion of fuel.

The following are the LS1 C5 corvette engine specsThe horsepower for the LS1 engine is 345 to 350 hp at 5,600 rpm. The engine’s torque is 350 to 365 lb-ft at 4,400rpm.

The cylinder bore is 3.90”, stroke is 3.62”, the displacement is 346 cubic inches, and a compression ratio of 10.1:1. 

5.7-L LS6 V8 (Z06) engine

Another model came out in 2001 and continued until 2004. According to the 2001 Z06 specs, they named it after the Corvette C2. It used a tuned LS1 engine. 

The corvette c5 Z06 horsepower was 385 and 385 lb-ft of torque. The Z06 came right before C5 ZR1 and was a lower-weight auto with admirable swiftness. It had a lighter battery, thinner glass, lighter c5 corvette wheels, and titanium exhaust.

Using the six-speed manual transmission and other modified features, the C5 Z06 Corvette is faster than the 1997 Corvette coupe.

It had FE4 suspension, bigger tires and wheels, brake cooling ducts, and separate gear ratios. After one production year, they improved its horsepower.

So, the 2002 c5 corvette horsepower was 405 and 400 torque due to the larger air intake, steel billet camshaft timing, and solid valve springs.

A new version of LS6 z06 emerged and was called Z16. It had aluminum wheels, a carbon fiber hood, and unique paint and badges. 

To summarize, the chevrolet C5 Corvette LS6 (206) engine had a horsepower of 385-405hp at 6,000rpm. Its torque is 385 to 400 lb-ft at 4,800rpm.

The engine’s compression ratio is 10.5:1, a displacement of 346 cubic inches/5.7liters, a stroke of 3.62”, and a cylinder bore of 3.90. 

There were special editions too, and they were limited. In 2003, Chevrolet had produced vehicles for 50 years. So, it made a special edition C5 to celebrate the achievement.

The autos were either a replica or convertible and had only red metallic color, painted aluminum wheel, unique badges, and magnetic ride control. The 2003 Z06 horsepower was ever great.

More excellent features of the C5 Corvette

Now you know the answer to this question: How much HP does a C5 Corvette have? We will now discuss other features than the horsepower that the C5 Corvette for sale has.


  • High performance– Whether you are considering the 97 Corvette or the 2004 corvette 5.7 horsepower model, one thing is true about the C5 Corvette. Its performance level of 0-60mph is impressive. The C5 models with the 6-speed manual transmission can accelerate from zero to 60mph within 4.5 seconds.
  • Better handling– In comparison to the older Corvette modelsthe 1997 to 2004 corvette ls1 horsepower models boast better handling. The repositioning of the transmission in the rear plus the new LS1 engine is why the models offer better handling. The engine and transmission system allow equal front and rear weight distribution. This even weight distribution improves grip, cornering, acceleration, and distribution.
  • Body style options – Chevrolet created many body styles of the C5. The original 2004 z06 horsepower styles were the coupe and convertible. The 1999 corvette horsepower model included a hardtop style, which was the third one. 
  • Drive-by-wire – Another good feature about the C5 is its drive-by-wire throttle. It became the first auto to use this throttle technology that uses electrical or electro-mechanical systems.
  • Better fuel economy –As C5s are high-performance sports cars, people expect them to consume more fuel. The truth, however, is that C5s offer better fuel economy than other sports cars.
  • Powerful engine options– The first C5 models had the 5.7-liter LS1 V8 engine, which was a better version than the C4’s engine version. In 2001, the 2000 corvette z06 specs changed to 350 horsepower.
  • Low Weight– One of the reasons the C5 Corvette models have a good fuel economy is their low weight. The c5 corvette weight of 3,300lbs is lighter than the previous Corvette models. Other than run-flat tires, it uses other lightweight spare parts, including the LS1 overhead valve engine made of aluminum.


Final word

The 2000 c5 corvette hp models and all the other C5 models came in high numbers throughout the production period that ended in 2004.

There were over 250,000 vehicles with one of the two engines: LS1 and LS6. The LS6 and convertible models are more desirable even today.

The original vehicles produced between 1997 and 2000 use the 5.7 L LS1 V8 and have 345 to 350 horsepower at 5,600 rpm.

The ones produced between 2001 and 2004 used the 5.7 L LS6 V8. They have 385 to 405 horsepower. When the C5 vette came out, it was more affordable than comparable autos.

The models that emerged before 2000 sold less than 40,000 dollars. Because of their affordability, the C5 models have remained popular until now. How much HP does a C5 Corvette have? Now you know the answer to this question. 

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