How To Jack Up A C4 Corvette? Be Aware Of Damages!

For maintenance, repairs, or inspections underneath the vehicle, you need to lift your vehicle up. This lifting up is known as jacking up, which requires a lot of caution and expertise. Once you jack up the vehicle, it becomes easier to inspect the conditions underneath the vehicle. 

So, how to jack up a c4 corvette? The steps are:

  • Place the car in a safe place.
  • Loosen the nuts of the rear/front area where you want to lift up.
  • Place wheel chocks behind the wheels.
  • Find the lifting points and place the hydraulic floor jack under them.
  • Place the jack stands under the lifting points and lower the car. 

How To Jack Up A C4 Corvette? Step By Step 

There are several jacking points in your c4 corvette. You need to jack it up from those points using a hydraulic floor jack, jack stands, wheel chocks, and a lug wrench. So, once you have these items in your hands, let’s move forward to the steps:

how to properly jack up a c4 corvette
  • Step-1: First, park your Corvette on a level and solid surface. Jacking up on uneven ground will disrupt the process making you prone to accidents. It’s better if the area is not crowded. 
  • Step-2: Now you need to engage the parking brake to keep the car halted in place. This way, you can prevent any accidents from happening.
  • Step-3: Depending on the area you are trying to jack up (rear/front), you need to loosen the nuts. If you are jacking up the rear side, loosen the front wheel lug nuts. And in the case of the front side, loosen the lug nuts on the rear wheels.
  • Step-4: To prevent the car from moving, you have to place the wheel chocks behind the wheels that are not being lifted. So, if you are lifting the front of the car, you have to place the wheel chocks in the rear wheels. 
  • Step-5: Now depending on the side you are going to lift, find the lifting points. Avoid lifting under the frame, body panels, or any other vulnerable areas.
  • Step-6: At this point, you have to use the hydraulic floor jack under the appropriate lifting point and carefully pump the handle to start lifting the car. Lift the car just sufficiently to clear the ground.
  • Step-7: Once the car is lifted, place the jack stands under the lifting points. Slowly lower the car onto the jack stands. Before doing so, make sure that the stands are stable enough to hold the car properly. 
  • Step-8: Once the car is securely on the jack stands, finish lifting the car off the floor jack, and carefully remove the jack from underneath the car.

Where Are The Correct C4 Corvette Jacking Points?

Before you try jacking up the C4 Corvette, you need to understand the jacking points. This ensures that your vehicle is safe and you are protected from any unwanted injuries. Here are the jacking points of your C4 Corvette:

c4 corvette jack points

Front Jacking Points:

  • Front Crossmember: This is a sturdy and reinforced part of the frame located just behind the front bumper. It’s a common jacking point for lifting the front of the vehicle.
  • Front Frame Rails: Look for reinforced sections along the frame rails just behind the front wheels. These places are created to sustain the weight of the car during jacking.

Rear Jacking Points:

  • Rear Differential: The rear differential housing is a stable and strong jacking point for lifting the rear of the C4 Corvette.
  • Rear Frame Rails: Similar to the front, there are reinforced sections along the rear frame rails near the rear wheels.

Quick Jack Placement

quick jack placement

While you are using Quick Jacks to lift a vehicle like a C4 Corvette, you need to ensure proper placement. The placement has some rules that you need to keep in mind. It differs on the position you are voting for, so, here is a guideline for both front and rear placement:

Front Placement:

  • Position the quick jacks on each side of the front.
  • Look for reinforced lifting points near the front suspension components. You can also use frame rails as your lifting points.

Rear Placement:

  • Place the quick jacks on each side of the rear of the vehicle.
  • Similar to the front, locate the recommended lifting points near the rear suspension components. 

When Do You Need To Jack Up Your C4 Corvette?

In certain conditions, especially when you need to inspect underneath your vehicle and do maintenance, jacking up is necessary. Here comes a few conditions where jacking up might be the right thing to do: 

  • Routine Maintenance: Tasks such as oil changes, fluid checks, and brake inspections may require lifting the vehicle to access the undercarriage and components. Thus, you might need to do it once a week to make sure your vehicle is in optimal condition. 
  • Tire Changes: You must lift up your vehicle when you are about to change your tires. Whether rear or front tires, lifting the vehicle is necessary to access the wheels.
  • Internal Work: Even while inspecting or replacing suspension components, such as shocks, struts, or control arms, lifting the car can provide better access. Thus, mechanics often jack up your vehicle as the first thing while doing suspension work. Not only the suspension but also components like the transmission, driveshaft, or differential may require lifting the car.
  • Visual Inspections: For inspections like rust, damage, or leaks, you might need to lift up your vehicle for a better view. It also makes the whole repair process easier. Even for customization and new parts installation, you need to lift up your vehicle. 

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Further Explanations Ahead

1. Can you lift a C4 Corvette with a jack?

Yes, you can lift a C4 Corvette using a jack, but it must be done with caution and using proper jacking points to ensure safety.

2. Where do you jack up a C4?

You can jack up a C4 Corvette from its reinforced front and rear frame rails. You will find the areas mentioned and drawn in the car’s manual.

3. What is the purpose of a jack in lifting a car?

A car jack is used to raise vehicles for maintenance, repairs, and tire changes. It provides access to undercarriage components and allows secure support with jack stands.

4. Is it safe to jack up a car?

Jacking up a car can be safe if you do it properly. But you need to use proper jacking points, quality equipment, and follow safety protocols. Jack stands provide stability while working under a lifted car.

Bottom Line 

There might be times when you need to jack up your C4 Corvette all by yourself. If you don’t find a mechanic nearby, knowing how to jack up a c4 corvette will help you. However, keep in mind that you need to ensure placing the jacks in the right areas to avoid accidents. 

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