2 Methods on How To Jack Up A C5 Corvette (Easy 4 Steps)

For many reasons, we may need to elevate the powerful C5 Corvette, but it requires it to be done with proper precision and caution. Jacking up the C5 Corvette is vital whether it is for routine maintenance or for changing the tires.

So here in this article, the methods on how to jack a C5 corvette are vital due to its low clearance with the ground and unique structure. So here in this article, we’ll discuss why proper jacking is crucial, the methods, and finally some precautions. Hope you guys will stay glued here.

Why Proper Jacking is Important

  • Improper jacking may lead to dents, scrapes, and misalignments. Those may decrease the aesthetic looks.
  • Alsp any faults in jacking up may lead to severe injury to the mechanics.
  • Proper jacking up makes it easier to replace the wheels.

Safety Precautions

  • Always keep the vehicle on a flat and level surface.
  • You must use hydraulic floor jacks and their stands which are rated for bearing the car’s weight.
  • Never go under the car when it is only supported by a hydraulic jack. Jack stands are a must.

Can you jack up a corvette c5 on your own?

You may get stuck with your car tire at any time and need to change it immediately. So, knowing how to jack up your car is extremely important.

It saves time; one can wait for the road service to come and lift one’s car.

Jacking up a corvette C5 is possible. Anyone can do so if having the right tools. However, before learning how to jack up your car, you should take care of several things.

First, jacking up the car is not something you will do every day. Instead, it is usually an emergency case. Being so, some precautions should be followed to keep yourself and others safe.

Second, never try to jack up your vehicle if you don’t have stands. This is very dangerous as the car should stand securely to avoid falling on the person below.

Also, even experienced car drivers should never try to jack up their corvette c5 on highways.

While they may be in control of their car, they cannot control others passing by. Thus, they are exposing themselves to extreme dangers.

Finally, for beginner car drivers who are learning to jack up their car, it is better to try in a car park first.

It will ensure avoiding any accidents while learning. In short, Jacking up a corvette c5 is an easy process. A car driver can do it solely. Yet, one should always be careful in dealing with such things.

How much lift is possible?

You can jack up a Corvette c5 using several ways. The most common way to jack up this vehicle is using a low-profile jack.

It is because the car is low, so it needs this kind of jacks. However, low-profile jacks don’t give the same lifting. Other factors contribute to the maximum lift possible for Corvette c5.

The size of the jack makes a difference in the lifting height. This is the length and width of the jack.

Also, the material itself accounts for the lifting ability. Some jacks are made of aluminum, while others are made of steel.

Besides, the jack capacity is another factor to consider. Jacks usually come with a certain capacity they can lift, for example, 2 tons or 3 tons capacity. Therefore, one should know which jack is suitable for his car first.

A typical aluminum low-profile jack with 2 tons capacity will give an average of 19 inches lift.

Other jacks may have higher lifting possibilities, but generally, a 20 inches lift is adequate.


Now, a jack’s cost can vary a lot according to what type of jacks you will go for.

As mentioned before, there are heavy-duty steel jacks and others made of different materials, adding to the maximum capacity and profile of the jack.

These are all factors that determine the price of the jack.

Jacks can start as low as $50. Yet, these jacks are usually for lifting a maximum 2 tons vehicle.

On the other hand, some jacks may cost up to $200. These can lift heavier trucks and vehicles. Moreover, low-profile jacks are more expensive than other floor jacks.

Further, there are lifting pads. These are rubber adapters specific to each car model.

They are attached to the car’s bottom side to protect the car bottom from any damage upon lifting with the jack. The cost of these adapters is an average of $30 and may go higher or lower.


The time needed for jacking up a Corvette c5 is no time at all! Jacking up a vehicle using professional low-profile jacks is done in minutes.

All you do is putting the jack underneath the car at a specific point and lift it.

If you use another method, it may take more time. Generally, it is around 5 – 10 minutes. The more you get used to it, the less time you will need.

Instruments requirement

  • Jacking up any vehicle requires a set of tools which are:
  • Floor or low-profile jack of 2 tons minimum capacity
  • Crossbeam adapter
  • Jack stands to secure the car.
  • Lifting pads (the number depends on how you want to lift the car, from the front or rear side or both)

These are the instruments and tools used for an ideal jacking-up process. However, other methods require alternative tools. These will be mentioned later.

How To Properly Jack Up A C5 Corvette?

Here, we will mention two methods of How to jack up a c5 corvette. The first method is the easiest of them, but you need to have a low-profile jack.

how to properly jack up a c5 corvette

Step 1: Block the front wheels

This step is very critical in jacking up a c5 corvette or any other vehicle. This is because it prevents the car wheels from moving, hence, causing any accidents.

To block the front wheels, you may need wheel chocks. Yet, if these are not available, you can use any piece of wood or any metal.

Step 2: Attach the cross beam adapter

The cross beam adapter is a rectangular piece of metal that is crossed on the jack. Its function is to balance the vehicle when jacked by lifting it from the exact lifting points.

While some people may not use these adapters, they are essential for car safety. Distributing the car’s load on different points is much safer than lifting from a single jack point.

Step 3: Apply the jack

Use the lifting pads on the specific lifting points of the car bottom. The cross beam adapter should be contacting those pads.

These pads are another safety measure to protect the car chassis. After everything is placed in its right position, you can now jack up the car.

Step 4: Use the jack stands

The last step is to secure your c5 corvette in the desired height you reached after jacking. Jack stands are placed on both sides of the jack under the cross beam adapter.

So, they secure the car from the two lifting points. The vehicle should rest on those stands, so it never slides or falls suddenly.

The Second Method – How To Jack Up

For jacking up your c5 corvette will need two ramps and a floor jack.

While this method takes a longer time, it is sometimes the only way to do it if professional instruments are not available.

jack up a c5 corvette

Step 1: Put the ramps in their right position

Place the ramps a few inches in front of each wheel. You may need to lift the front side or the rear one.

In either case, place the ramps in front of the car wheels you want to lift. Make sure the ramps you are using can fit under the car.

Step 2: Move the car above the ramps

Drive your car those few inches so the wheels are over the ramps. Next, make sure to put the car on gear and set the emergency brake.

Like the previous method, secure the wheels by blocking them from behind using any block.

Step 3: Use any jack for more lift

Now, you may move to this step or stop in the previous one. If the ramps provide adequate lifting, then you don’t need to use a jack.

However, ramps will never lift the car more than a few inches. It may be useful for changing oil, for example. On the other hand, use any jack for more lift (not necessarily low-profile as the car is already lifted).


Why do I need to jack up my c5 corvette?

Jacking up a car is done for several reasons. The most common reason people usually need to jack up their car is to change the tires.

For changing the tires, you will need to jack up the car from one side only. Therefore, it is a pretty easy mission with no tools required except for the jack.

Other reasons may include checking the oil and the filter oil. This needs jacking up a c5 corvette from the front side.

Moreover, some car drivers may need to check the brakes or check whatever is on the car’s downside.

When you clean the whole car or do an entire checkup for the car, a full jack-up will be needed.

What is a QuickJack car lift?

A Quick Jack lift is a type of jacks that allows car owners to jack up their cars in seconds. Using a Quick Jack lift, you can fully jack up the car with no effort.

The QuickJack is a portable jack suitable for home using and also for mechanics. Further, it provides an easy method for jacking up cars, even those with a low profile.

Put the two sides of the jack under the vehicle’s two sides and push a button; you get a 20 inches lift for your car.

Do I need jack stands?

Absolutely, yes! Jack stands can prevent many accidents you may not think of. Typically, you will be lifting your car to do something beneath.

Therefore, you have to place the car over something that won’t fail securely. If you rely on the jack only, it may at any point fall down.

Also, jacks will be lifting the car from one point only. By placing jack stands, you are balancing the load of the car on at least two points.

Is a 2 tons jack enough for a c5 corvette?

Car drivers should typically know the weight of their car. This weight is not the car’s exact weight, but there are standard categories where cars fall in.

You should know that you are not going to lift the whole car. Using one jack, you can only lift half of the car. So, a 2-tons jack is enough for lifting a c5 corvette.

Similarly, for lifting the whole car, you may need two of those according to the car’s weight.

Is it safe to jack up your car?

Jacking up a car is not something car owners do for fun. There must be a reason behind doing so. Thus, they should take precautionary measures when jacking up the car.

Generally, it should be safe to jack up a car if it is lifted on jack stands. If not, you should never go beneath a car standing on only a jack.

Likewise, cars shouldn’t be left on a jack for a long time as they may fail. So, jack stands provide a safe way to lift a car and work beneath it.

Another critical point is to lift the car while on level ground. It should never be placed on a sloped surface when lifting.

Where to place the jack and jack stands?

For each car, jacks have specific point to attach to. These are usually near each of the four wheels. Also, some cars will have extra jack points between each of the front and rear wheels.

Whereas jack stands are placed on both sides of a jack. In general, jacks and jack stands shouldn’t be placed under the car’s radiator or other components.

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As you now know, jacking up a c5 corvette is very easy. One can do it on his own. Alternatively, car drivers may need to see a mechanic if there is another serious issue.

If you are going to jack up your car, make sure to take all precautionary measures. Safety comes first.


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